Our products are nourishing, healing and moisturising.
    The only products of their kind that contain
    protein cleaving digestive enzymes from
    the North Atlantic cod.


  • Asgeir Sigurvinsson

    I have studied the Penzyme® products from Dr. Jon Bragi since he started developing them years ago. I have used them both as a skin product and on various injuries through the years and I am convinced that Coddoc will help athletes in the fight against inflammation and injuries.

    Asgeir Sigurvinsson

    VfB Stuttgart 1982-1990
    Bayern Munchen 1981-1982
    Standard Liege 1973-1981
    Iceland national team
    * Bundesliga winner 1984

  • Elva Margrét Sigurbjörnsdóttir

    “I have been suffering from acne in my face for years. I have tried many treatments with limited success. After I started using Coddoc the acne has been steadily

    There were great results after just one week of use and today it is amazing to look at the first picture of me.

    I am so relieved - I don’t have to put half a bottle of makeup on anymore. I am absolutely delighted with the results.

    Thank you Coddoc for everything!”

    Elva Margrét Sigurbjörnsdóttir

  • Helga Kristín

    I was involved in a serious traffic accident that left my face severely wounded. The deepest cut was on my cheek, all the way down to the bone. 

    My plastic surgeon told me that it would take at least a year for a wound like that to heal and at that time I would probably need plastic surgery to fix the scars. 

    I had heard a lot of good things about Penzim and decided to try it when my wounds closed. I have used Penzim every day for 3 months and the results are stunning.  The scars are almost gone and therefore I will not need plastic surgery. Thank you Penzim!

  • Asgeir Thor Ingolfsson

    "I tore my knee ligaments 3 years ago and have since then been suffering from pain in my knees.

    After I started using Coddoc  I can exercise without any pain. I have also been using Coddoc on stiff muscles and I am always better the day after.

    Coddoc has been like a miracle for me and I can without a doubt recommend it."

    Asgeir Thor Ingolfsson

    Football player

    FC Valur, FC Haukar

The teeth of the North Atlantic cod are hardly impressive - some compare them to sandpaper!
So it swallows its food whole, for example capelin, pollock, whiting and even juvenile cod.
Once in the digestive tract, the immensely potent protein-cleaving trypsin enzymes take
over and digest the food.