• Enzymes are protein molecules

    produced by all living entities for the
    purpose of facilitating chemical reactions.

About us

Andrá heildverslun ehf. (wholesale) is located in Reykjavík and has specialised in marketing and sales of natural health and cosmetic products with Penzyme® is the active element. Penzyme® is manufactured from trip seen enzymes, which in 1995 were awarded GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) recognition from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (Federal register vol.60, no122). Penzyme® products have all required licenses for marketing in Europe, United States and in other regions around the world.

Penzyme® is manufactured from digestive enzymes of the North Atlantic cord and is an additional bye-product from Icelandic fish catches. Cod fishing off the shores of Iceland has been managed for decades with sustainability of stocks uppermost in the mind as the cod is one of the nation’s most valuable export commodities.

Enzymes are processed from catches in a fishing village on the country’s east coast. From there the raw enzymes are transported to Reykjavik for cleansing and final processing into Penzyme® at Zymetech ehf., which has a sole patent for processing and use of the enzymes in health and cosmetic products. Market ready products are then manufactured and packaged in Germany.

Andrá Management Team 

Gunnar Steinn Pálsson, CEO
Magnús Páll Gunnarsson, Marketing and Sales Manager
Bergur Dan Gunnarsson, CFO
Magdalena Dubik, Production Manager.

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