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Coddoc is particularly intended for easing joints and relaxing muscles and is also used as a moisturising skin cream.


Coddoc is particularly intended for easing joints and relaxing muscles and is also used as a moisturising skin cream. In Coddoc research and development in recent years, sportsmen have tested the products with good results where there was a need for accelerating the body’s “repair processes”. Coddoc is a good companion for people in fitness activities and outdoor pursuits and also for those people who want to maintain and maximise their mobility and well-being.


Many users of Coddoc have seen good results using Coddoc on acne.


  • Bjorgvin Stefansson

    Björgvin Stefánsson is 17 years old and is a soccer player in the First Division in Iceland. He plays for Haukar and is also part of the U-19, the Icelandic National team. He has fought acne for a long time with various treatments without any luck. Few weeks ago he learned about CODDOC which has been helpful to others suffering from acne. Björgvin started to see a difference after only two-three days. „It has been unbelievable. Few days ago a picture of the Haukar team was taken, I noticed among others the improvement on my face. The forehead had cleared up and improved a lot in other places on my face. ”All this in just one week therefore I can highly recommend CODDOC for all those who are suffering acne problem – it helps that the product is 100% Icelandic and natural.

  • Sigurrós Jónsdóttir

    I suffered a knee injury that still causes me pain when I put strain on my leg. This has made it difficult for me to exercise. I tried using knee support but they didn’t help much. Then I tried PENZIM and the pain just disappeared. Now I always use PENZIM when I exercise and every time I start to feel the pain in my knee.


  • Asgeir Sigurvinsson

    I have studied the Penzyme® products from Dr. Jon Bragi since he started developing them years ago. I have used them both as a skin product and on various injuries through the years and I am convinced that Coddoc will help athletes in the fight against inflammation and injuries.

    Asgeir Sigurvinsson

    VfB Stuttgart 1982-1990
    Bayern Munchen 1981-1982
    Standard Liege 1973-1981
    Iceland national team
    * Bundesliga winner 1984

Coddoc is a must in your sports bag, or anywhere
for that matter if you are pushing yourself to your limits
and your body needs refreshing, or recovery after effort or injury.


Macrogolum 400, Aqua, Glycerin,  Penzyme®, alcohol, tromethamine, calcium chloride, Hydrocloric acid.