Penzim lotion


Penzim contains unique cleansed protein-cleaving digestive enzymes from the Icelandic cod.


The teeth of the North Atlantic cod are hardly impressive - some compare them to sandpaper! So it swallows its food whole, such as capelin, pollock, whiting and even juvenile cod. Once in the digestive tract, the immensely potent protein-cleaving trypsine enzymes take over and digest the food. The enzymes are psychrophilic (cold-loving) as cod often dive to depths where the sea temperature is as low as -2°C. When these enzymes come into contact with human body temperature their potency increases significantly for a few hours before they lose their power and are discharged by the body’s natural cleansing process.


  • Ásgeir Sigurvinsson

    „I have for years frequented public swimming pools and have occasionally been troubled by athlete‘s foot. This had demanded treatment with antifungal medicine and steroids. But since I tried PENZIM have not needed those treatments. All burning and itching sensations dissapear immediately and after using PENZIM twice a day (morning and evening) for three days the infection had dissapeared altogether. Others in my family have also used PENZIM with excellent results to treat arthritis, tense muscles and other conditions“.


Use of enzymes in the world of science and medicine
has a history reaching back thousands of years, and many
such biological catalysts have been used in pharmaceutical production
in recent years and decades.


Glycerin, aqua, Penzyme®, Alcohol, Calcium Chloride, Tromethamine og Hydrochloric Acid.

Store at room temperature.