Our products are based on more than a quarter of a century of
    research and development work by scientists
    at the University of Iceland.

The story

A unique range of products

Our products are nourishing, healing and moisturising, and are truly outstanding in the field of skin and health care. They are 100% natural and are the only products of their kind that contain protein cleaving digestive enzymes from the North Atlantic cod, caught off Iceland’s shores. Enzymes, these remarkable organic catalysts that accelerate the body’s regeneration and repair process, hold the key. Use of enzymes in the world of science and medicine has a history reaching back thousands of years and various such organic catalysts have been used in pharmaceutical production in recent years and decades. The properties of enzymes are well known but trypsin enzymes of the potency of those found in the North Atlantic cod are few and far between, whether from zoological or botanical sources.

Decades of scientific research

Our products are based on more than a quarter of a century of research and development work by scientists at the University of Iceland. The research was directed at protein-splitting digestive enzymes found in the North Atlantic cod, and at the development of techniques to isolate and purify them for use in dermatological products. The production, which is the active ingredient in ZoPure, Penzim and Coddoc is called Penzyme®. The use of cod enzymes in health and cosmetics products is a patented invention of Dr. Dr. Jón Bragi Bjarnason (1948-2011) Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Iceland.

Enzymes are protein molecules produced by all living entities for the purpose of accelerating chemical reactions. They are completely organic, break down easily and thus cause no pollution. Penzyme® is made from creatine which contains protein splitting organic catalysts such as trypsin.  Penzyme comes from clean and healthy marine life off the shores of Iceland and is an ecologically friendly bye-product from the Icelandic cod catch.

Potent organic catalysts

The teeth of the North Atlantic cod are hardly impressive - some compare them to sandpaper! So it swallows its food whole, for example capelin, pollock, whiting and even juvenile cod. Once in the digestive tract, the immensely potent protein-cleaving trypsin enzymes take over and digest the food. The enzymes are psychrophilic, as the cod mainly forages at depths where the sea temperature is in the range of -2°C - +4°C. When these enzymes come into contact with human body temperature their potency increases significantly before they lose their power.  

A pure natural product

Our products are pure, natural products for skin, joints and muscles. They are clear and odour- free, nourishing, healing and moisturising. They contain no preservatives, fat, oil, odour or colouring agents that can cause allergic reactions. The exception from this rule is ZoPure day and night cream which contains a tiny quantity of fat and consequently also a minute additive of natural preservative.

Our products all contain Penzyme®, but in varying proportions.  Coddoc and Zopure have more than Penzim. Penzim has all necessary accreditation for safe use for the human body. The products are mild, comfortable to use and suitable both for infants and senior citizens for a range of purposes. They increase well-being and preserve our health and appearance.

A variety of applications

Penzim cream has been on the Icelandic market for more than 10 years. Many use it for very specific purposes, while others just keep it in their medicine cabinet and use it in the event of accident or specific problems that occur. Penzim is also used to good effect for muscles and joints, in the throat and in the mouth and in fact anywhere considered suitable for the use of biological catalysts to help the body regenerate and repair.

Satisfied users of  Penzyme® products have sent us hundreds of testimonials in the past years that indicate a wide variety of applications. So there is every reason to encourage people  to use their imagination when applying PENZIM and to use it in as varied  a manner, and as often, as possible. It is good to use our products 1-2 a day as required. Although only a small amount of our products is required for each application there are no indications that excessive use could cause damage.

The shelf-life of our products is about 3 years at room temperature but when the enzyme comes into contact with an increased quantity of water in human skin or mucous membrane it becomes active for a few hours before becoming spent.