About the skin

The skin is our largest organ and needs to renew itself continuously. Every day it has to combat the negative effects of ultraviolet rays (UV), pollution, changes in humidity and the weather, and in addition to this there is its unremitting battle with ageing. With every year that passes, the skin's inner layer loses more of its proteins, its elasticity and collagen. These proteins play a leading role in maintaining the skin's elasticity and in ensuring optimum humidity, thus preserving young fresh skin and preventing  wrinkles. In skin that has suffered years of damage from the sun and other environmental factors, the flexible elastin protein tissue in the inner skin layer has thickened and become entangled while the collagen threads have depleted rapidly. The consequences are an increase and deepening of wrinkles and widespread dark skin patches. The skin loses its tensile strength and falls victim to wrinkles and lines, loses its glow and resilience and takes on a greyish hue. This process can be decelerated and one can even turn defence into attack. For this battle, the products from Andrá are a great addition to the team.